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Control recurrent canine pyoderma the economical, long-term way.

With Delmont's SPL®

There is a way to end the cycle of frustrating and excessive expense when your antibiotic therapy works short-term wonders, but results in chronic problems soon after treatment is terminated. Delmont's Staphage Lysate (SPL)® has been shown to be a highly effective immunotherapeutic when used concurrently with or as a follow-up to antibiotics in the treatment of idiopathic recurrent canine pyoderma.

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Documented Efficacy.
In addition to widespread use in veterinary practices, SPL's value has been recorded in controlled studies. Significantly, use of SPL represents a proven way to avoid extended use of antibiotics.

The Professional Solution.
With SPL, your practice gains clients' appreciation for having controlled the dog's pruritic lesions on a long-term basis. Clients also appreciate the saving in time and money required by indefinite antibiotic regimens.

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